The mission of the Mountsorrel Railway project is to recreate this once forgotten industrial steam line, which was crucial to the local Leicestershire community. We have nearly finished recreating the railway - thanks to your support!

But in 2014 the work does not stop there and the project enters a major new exciting phase - with the proposed Mountsorrel and Rothley Community Heritage Centre.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Track Laying Reaches Wood Lane

On Saturday December 1st project volunteers mounted a big track laying push to take the head of steel through the Wood Lane bridge and back into Mountsorrel village.


The brisk frosty weather didn't seem to deter the enthusiasm and over 40 community volunteers turned out to work on the project. The weekday volunteer team had spent the previous Tuesday and Thursday moving sleepers up to Nunckley Hill in preparation and progress was swift despite the need to carefully bend the track into the tight reverse curves on the approach to the bridge.


By midday track had arrived at the bridge itself and the team pushed on and ended the session at 2:00pm with an additional panel laid on the Mountsorrel side.

The Wickham Rail trolley, which is on loan to the project, became the first train to pass through the bridge and into Mountsorrel for 50 years.

In all five 60 feet long track panels were laid during the session. Laying 300 feet (90 metres) of track smashes the Mountsorrel Railway previous track laying record of 225 feet!

Passing through the Mountsorrel village boundary is another major milestone for the project and was cause for a celebration. The volunteers wrapped up the session with a track side party to celebrate.

Track laying is now three quarters complete and the hope is to reach the end of the line at Bond Lane by late February next year. This will only be possible with your help as more volunteers are needed to help the track laying process. If you can spare a few hours on an occasional Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday then please email the project leader Steve Cramp

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