The mission of the Mountsorrel Railway project is to recreate this once forgotten industrial steam line, which was crucial to the local Leicestershire community. We have nearly finished recreating the railway - thanks to your support!

Since 2014, the project has entered a major new phase - with the Mountsorrel and Rothley Community Heritage Centre, due for completion late 2015 / early 2016.

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Planning Permission Granted for Mountsorrel Halt

We are very pleased to announce that planning permission has been granted to build a station and car park at the Mountsorrel end of the branch line.

"Mountsorrel Halt" will be a simple 50m long platform built into the base of the cutting next to the bridge at Bond Lane. The platform will be constructed from concrete blocks faced with Mountsorrel Granite. There will be a disability accessible friendly access path running up the cutting side where there will be a small car park and tractor trailer turning area in the corner of the field.

The halt will allow passengers to join and leave the trains at Mountsorrel where we intend to link up with Stonehurst Family Farm and Motor Museum, via their existing tractor trailer rides that already run along Bond Lane.

We are grateful for assistance from Charnwood Borough Council's planning, environmental and ecology departments, for their help and advice to ensure that the scheme complements and minimizes the impact on this very pretty part of Leicestershire.

It is hoped to start work on the new station as soon as is practically possible with completion later this year.

Our aim is to use local contractors to construct the station where ever possible. If you are a local building contractor who would be interested then please get in touch by email with project leader Steve Cramp.

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